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UCL Summer School

On the 30th July, I attended a UCL Summer school in the heart of London. The premise of the summer school was about learning environmental science using artefacts in the museums. Due to this, we visited many a museum during our stay in London, including the natural history museum, the museum of zoology, and one with numerous of dead body parts. It was very educational and enjoyable to learn about how museums can portray different aspects of life and how we can use these objects to find cures to diseases.

As well as this, we did a variety of fun evening activities. These including watching the Broadway show 'The woman in black', as well as an open-top London bus tour. These were all fantastic and the whole experience was completely free. You also got a feel for how universities operate and what they want from you. I didn't know anyone at the summer school when I first arrived. In fact, it was my first time in London by myself. However, I quickly made many friends and everyone got on so well with one another. The staff were fantastic and if I could do it again I would!

I'd suggest that every year 12 should attend a summer school like this, if you want to go to university. It helps you prepare for university life and is also completely free and very fun. It may be outside your comfort zone but the experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

By Max Ward Year 13