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Course description 

History offers students a plethora of opportunities to:

  • Learn about the past in Britain and the wider world
  • Consider how the past has influenced the present
  • Use and weigh up evidence to argue a point of view reach conclusions
  • Find out about what past societies were like and what beliefs and cultures influenced people’s actions
  • Develop a chronological framework
  • Reflect on their own attitudes and values
  • Practise, develop and improve their literacy capabilities
Key Stage 3 

During key stage 3 students learn about significant individuals and events in the history of Britain from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. They also learn about key aspects of European and world history. They show their understanding by making connections between events and changes in the different periods and areas studied, and by comparing the structure of societies and economic, cultural and political developments. They evaluate and use sources of information, using their historical knowledge to analyse the past and explain how it can be represented and interpreted in different ways.

In history, students acquire and apply knowledge, skills and understanding in these five main areas:

  • Chronological understanding
  • Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past
  • Historical interpretation
  • Historical enquiry
  • Organisation and communication
Key Stage 4 

The GCSE History course studied is AQA 8145.

This is a two year linear course with 100% external assessment through exams.

There are two components, each with two sections:


Section A focuses on key developments in a country’s history over a 50 year period. At FAN, students study America 1840-1895: Expansion and consolidation

Section B looks at conflict and tension, including how and why conflict and tension arose, what the consequences were and the role of the nations and states involved. At FAN, students study Conflict and Tension, 1894-1918.


This component focuses on events and developments which have shaped the history of the UK.

Section A, the thematic study, enables students to look at key developments over a long sweep of time. At FAN, students study Britain: health and the people.

Section B is a British depth study, incorporating the study of an historic environment, and enables students to look at the complexity of British society at a critical time in the country’s development and how the historic environment was shaped by that society. At FAN, students study Elizabethan England.

There are four assessments objectives; the exams will measure how well students have achieved these. The objectives are:

  1. AO1- knowledge and understanding of key features and characteristics
  2. AO2-explain and analyse historical events and periods
  3. AO3- analyse, evaluate and use sources to make judgements
  4. AO4- analyse, evaluate and make judgements about interpretations