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Course description 


Drama is a valuable subject to all our students; whether they choose to pursue a career in the Performing Arts sectors or not, the confidence and vocal ability that the subject fosters is vital for all. Throughout KS3 we study a myriad of Drama techniques which stand our students in good stead to begin examination courses both as performers and as designers of theatre. In addition they develop evaluation skills which encourage the ability to give positive and helpful feedback to others.


Key Stage 3 


Year 7

Introduction to Drama - Still Image, Narration and Role play through story telling. Using “Room on the broom” at Stimulus.

Matilda - Still image, role play and narration using poetry as stimulus.

Darkwood Manor  - haunted house mystery. Still image, Role play, Conscience corridor, Physical theatre and Mantle of the expert.

What has happened to Lulu? -  the runaway. Issue based drama. Still  Image, Role play, Cross cutting

The island - a longer SOW which includes the creation of and discovery of a treasure island. Role play, Still Image, Role on the wall.

The Lottery  - Still Image, Role -play, Hot seating and Cross cutting from the point of view of a lottery winner.


Year 8

Melodrama - Original conventions. Using Sweeney Todd as stimulus.

The Landlady - Role on the wall, Physical theatre, Still image, Cross cutting, Narration.

Bullying - Issue based drama. From the perspective of the bully and the bullied.

Sitcom - Creating comedy. Working collaboratively to create a successful and original situation comedy.

Romeo and Juliet - Taking the themes and some of the language from the Shakespeare play to make original drama.


Year 9

Stabbing at the Disco -  Knife crime. Consequence. Teacher in role, Role-play, Hot-seating and Spontaneous Improvisation.

Homelessness - Issue based Drama. Using at least 4 of the GCSE Explorative Strategies which have been learnt in the previous SOWs.

Open project from a stimulus to be decided at the time  - Final performance in F39 with lights, sound and costume.

Key Stage 4 


GCSE Drama

We offer Eduqas GCSE Drama. This specification allows students to specialise as a performer or as a designer and focuses on performance or realisation of design as well as the exploration of play texts.

The explorative strategies of still image, cross cutting, narration, forum theatre, role play, thought tracking, hot-seating and marking the moment are studied in depth. In addition we look at choreographic theatre, physical theatre and mime which will help the students to develop as artists. 

The course is split into 3 units;

• Unit 1 - Devising Theatre (40% of the qualification). Students create, develop and perform a piece of devised Theatre.  This will be assessed by a teacher

• Unit 2 - Performing from a text (20% of the qualification). Students will study two extracts from the same text.  Students will then take part in one performance, using sections of text from both extracts.  This will be performed to an external examiner.

• Unit 3 - Interpreting Theatre (40% of the qualification).  This is a written examination based on a play we will have studied.  In addition to this we will visit a theatre to see a professional performance which students “review”.