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Course description 


In the art and design department we offer a variety of different media including painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. We encourage all students to become artistic in their own individual way.

The department has two art studios, offering a good provision for a range of art activities. Students are given the opportunity to take part in a range of extra activities within the department including: trips to galleries such as the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and working alongside practicing artists such as Sue Johnson and Jessica Perry. Students are also given time inside school at lunch and afterschool to improve their skills and creativity.

We are proud of the work our students create and regularly update displays of work around the school site. We hold an annual exhibition of A level Art and Photography work in the summer term to celebrate and share the achievements of our students with the wider community.


Key Stage 3 

Key stage 3

Students are taught two lessons over two weeks at key stage 3, with regular homework to extend the learning after the lesson. Each year group throughout  key stage 3 will follow a range of schemes of work, covering painting and drawing, sculpture and printmaking. Students are encouraged to experiment with a range of new materials and be creative in their learning.


Key Stage 4 


The new AQA GCSE Fine Art specification will be taught from September 2017, with first assessment in 2018. This has two main units, 1:coursework 60% of final grade and 2:externally set controlled assignment. Students are taught five hours over two weeks at key stage 4.