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Students attend History Conference


On the 1st of March, four of our history students went to an A-Level History conference in London, the topic was Germany 1918-1945. Once at King’s Cross station we took the Northern line underground to Camden Town and made our way to the Irish Community Centre. Our first two lectures about The Radical State and The Terror State were by Dr Paul Moore, both were very informative and went into great detail of the victims and perpetrators during the Nazi era. At lunch we explored Camden for a little bit and got back to the centre for our next two lectures. The next lectures were by Sir Christopher Clark, a Professor at Cambridge University and an international expert on German history. The lectures were discussing Why Democracy Collapsed in Germany in the Weimar era and then opposition and dissent to Nazis, they were very well linked to our specification and provided us with perceptive insights to be used when answering exam questions. The day was very enjoyable, the lectures were all entertaining, interesting and provided extra information to our supplement our learning. A big thanks to Dr Burrows for organising the trip.


Heather Kerr (Year 13 History student)


Photo: History students with Sir Christopher Clark, Professor of History at Cambridge University and world leading scholar of modern German history.