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Sixth Form Council 2019

The Sixth Form Council is unusual compared to other Sixth Forms, because it is voted in by the students attending the Sixth Form. The role of the council is to make sure that the students are happy whilst they are here for their 2 years. This will include: making adjustments that need to be made, having appropriate accommodations added, and also raising money for the students’ charity of choice. Here are a few words from the Sixth Form Council:


Alexander Hagag- Chair

Hello, my name is Alexander Hagag but everyone knows me as Alex. My role on the council is to be chair. Essentially, this role entails the overseeing of all the work being done by the council, running meetings, communicating with the public or anyone externally via the conduction of assemblies, 1 on 1s and generally advocating the Sixth Form. I, along with the Vice Chair- Sam James will conduct the Running of the Sixth Form council. Personally, I am an enthusiastic advocate for sport and preserving the integrity of nature; I will be more than happy to run or take part in any sporting events in the Sixth Form and also will be a part of any involvements regarding the environment or natural projects. I can say confidently that I am looking forward to working with the Sixth Form council team throughout the next academic year. Many great things to come…


Sam James - Vice Chair

Hello, my name is Sam James and my role on the Sixth Form council is vice chair. This role basically involves supporting Alex, The Chair, and stepping in when he is absent. My main reason for joining the council was so that I could help to portray the Sixth Form in a positive light and make the next couple of years the best they can possibly be for you. If you have any suggestions or queries please don't hesitate to ask Alex, me or anyone on the council as we can then try to do something about it. I hope this year we can surpass the incredible total that last year’s council managed to achieve, for our chosen charity. I am really looking forward to trying to achieve this goal and helping out the Sixth Form as a whole.


Adam Rivers - Public Advocate

Hey, my name is Adam Rivers and as ‘Public Advocate’ for the council my responsibilities require me to reach out to the local community and make sure Fakenham Sixth Form becomes more recognised as well as participating more in local events. So I will be working very closely with Kate (Publicity) to achieve our shared goals. I’m the best person for the job because of my enthusiasm, proactivity and politeness. In addition, I am passionate about advocating for the environment and providing a voice for those that can’t speak for themselves. Feel free to address me with any upcoming events you want us to take part in, or any other ideas.


Kate Frost - Publicity

Hi, my name is Kate. My job on the council is publicity, working closely with Adam (Public Advocate) it is my responsibility to advertise the Sixth Form and our chosen charity. I would love to hear all your ideas on ways we could get the Sixth Form and our charity well known in our community.  Feel free to approach me or Adam with your wonderful ideas. Publicity is the best role for me as I am very good at negotiating with others and I’m very creative in expressing my thoughts.


Fiona Degning- Facilities

Hello, my name is Fiona and my job on the council is to look after facilities within the Sixth Form and replace anything that is unbeneficial or damaged. I will also be looking into getting more facilities that will benefit students in different ways. I will be working closely with Lizzie who is Student liaison and Jake whose role is Treasurer. I would love to hear any suggestions and feedback on facilities and I will do my best to resolve any issues. I am very much looking forward to the year ahead on council. Together, we can raise more money than last year for our chosen charity and really make a difference.


Jake Dorman - Finance

Hello, I'm Jake and I'm in charge of the numbers and financing side of the college council, so I'll be handling all the money for the Sixth Form council. This means I'll be making sure we spend it appropriately, effectively and get the most out of it that we can, to help our Sixth Form improve further. This year will be a great year for the Sixth Form with the Council already underway with brand new ideas!


Madeline Curl - Secretary

Hello, my name is Madeline Curl but people usually call me Maddie. I am really excited to be part of the council this year in my role of secretary. I will be devoted to organisation of the council, involving contacting the relevant people (such as the charity we will choose), and all the students, so everybody knows about the events we will be organising. In addition to this, during our meetings my primary role is keeping minutes, freeing everyone else to focus on discussion and expressing their ideas. Above all I want to make sure the council can be run smoothly, that way we can focus on the things that matter such as fundraising and improving the college, without being held back by disorganisation. Ultimately that’s why I suit this role the best, although I really want to contribute to decisions, I am capable of making sure what other people decide on can happen as easily as possible.


Harry Kirk- Social Media

Hi, my name’s Harry and I’m in charge of social media on the Fakenham Sixth Form council. I feel I fit the role because, like many teenagers, I spend a fair amount of my time on social media and I believe with all my time spent I have learnt a fair bit about the modern day ‘pop-culture’. And I believe that I can use this to spread all that the Sixth Form does  around the community through the social media services I have been given access to.


Lizzie Pollicott-Reid - Student Liaison

Hey, I’m Lizzie, and my role on the council is Student Liaison. The definition of the word Liaison is: “communication or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations” which, to put it simply, is you guys talking and telling me your ideas, and me listening and doing the best I can to make them a reality. I value and listen to everyone who has an idea to improve our college, no matter who they are. I really want to get to know lots of people in our college, so that we all have a say and everyone's voice is heard. I will then feed these ideas back to the council, and then to teachers and senior leaders. My role will involve collecting people’s opinions via conversations, polls, ballots, and just making sure that people feel comfortable and confident in coming to talk to me, and sharing their ideas. If you want to find me, I am generally dashing about the college, usually in a coat-scarf-and-gloves combo!

I hope you all have a fantastic year, and don’t hesitate to stop me in the corridor for a quick chat!