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Question Time

On Wednesday 25th April, Fakenham Sixth Form was visited by a panel of local politicians , including members of the Green Party, Labour, UKIP, Conservatives and a representative from the Church of England, to partake in our annual Question Time. Topics debated included: what would the future hold if Jeremy Corbyn became prime minister; the cost of higher education; Brexit and Donald Trump. Opinions on global warming proved to be particularly controversial; statements were often challenged by both students and other panelists making it a lively and engaging debate which got the sixth formers talking about our views on politics and the environment.

During such a turbulent time for British and world politics, having the opportunity to hear so many different views on these topical issues was really insightful and left many of the panelists exploring in some depth particular topics, including the competency of Donald Trump both as a businessmen and as the leader of the free world and what form Brexit should take if or when it happens. There was also extensive debate about the ‘Rooney Rule’ and whether there should be a 50/50 split of MPs being male and female; some of the arguments put across proved somewhat surprising and brought into question the gender inequalities still prevalent in today’s society.

The debate ended on a lighter question which gave the panelists the opportunity to be slightly more creative with their responses and represent what they believed in by saying what would they put on an ‘I Love …’ t-shirt, some took the political approach while others made their responses more personal, giving an entertaining variety. As for us, it was a great opportunity to express our views in such a forum which, in itself, was a celebration of freedom of speech.

Abi Street