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Psychology Revision Conference

On the 20th of April 2017 Professor Jean-Marc Lawton hosted the Psychology Revision Conference for 42 students. Professor Lawton is a psychology rock star. He lectures, writes books, examines and conducts research in psychology.

The conference was a detailed and exciting experience covering some of the areas of the AQA Psychology specification which include Psychopathology, Research Methods, Social Influence, Gender and Memory. Revising these units from a professor in psychology, who has conducted studies himself, allowed for a new way to view the topics. He explained them in context giving real life situations and applying them to unique and different situations.

Areas we enjoyed:

· Classifying different disorders and their behavioural, cognitive and emotional characteristics eg. depression, OCD and phobias. (Psychopathology)

· Exploring the impact of other people on our behaviour and what they can do to change our thoughts and behaviour. (Social influence)

· Understanding how we remember things and the way memories are coded in our short term and long term memory. (Memory)

· Assessing the methodology of psychological studies and looking at different types of sampling to attain the key information from it. (Research methods)

Overall the Psychology Revision Conference was a new, fun and interesting way to revise which everyone enjoyed. We would love to do it again next year!

By Callum Gray