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Yonex All England Badminton Birmingham March 2017

On the 7th March the Fakenham Academy badminton team went to see the International Badminton qualifiers at The Barclaycard arena in Birmingham. Despite the early start and the quiet journey there consisting of blanket-wrapped students and lazily eaten Maccy's breakfast, the team were excited to see badminton played at this level as none of us had experienced that before.


The actual arrival was somewhat bumpy as the struggle to find a parking space meant leaving Mrs Price to venture into the depths of Birmingham to fine one after leaving the tea at the arena. After 30 minutes of Mrs Price still missing, the team nervously began to watch the badminton whilst creating theories as to the whereabouts of Mrs Price. To our relief Mrs Price did return but with seemingly no idea to where the mini bus was.


Whilst watching the badminton Mrs Price showed the members of the team how different professional badminton was to school games and pointed out shots that would help improve our individual performance, much like our personal commentator. The arena itself had many spare seats, so to stretch their legs the team wandered and watched the badminton from every view and distance possible. The games were easy to become engrossed in and everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching them. As well as the championships several activities and stalls were outside in the lobby area and some of the team, especially Kirk become attached to some gorgeous and light racquets for sale but proceeding to place them back after looking at the hefty price tags.


Once the badminton had finished Mrs Price and two of the boys took a taxi to the supposed parking of the mini bus and eventually tracked it down. The minute we drove away from Birmingham, the team's energy levels dropped like flies and the services stop was a groggy one. Some of the boys attempted to wake themselves up with spicy food however some didn't cope with heat very well and Joe ended up chugging several milkshakes in attempt to compete with the heat and well, failing.


The last leg of the journey featured Mr Savage trapping Mrs Price's fingers in the door and injuring our trusty driver but she pulled through and delivered the sleepy teenagers back to school.


The team learnt a lot from this opportunity, whether that be badminton tactics or how to play charades with seatbelts on. We had a wonderful day and all returned home safely with Mrs Price's fingers intact.