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Year 8 Geographers Study Micro-climate

Last half term Year 8 investigated the microclimate of FAN. A microclimate occurs when the climate of a small area differs from the area around it. Students designed and planned their own piece of fieldwork, designed their recording sheets and then use thermo anemometers and heat sensor equipment to prove or disprove their ideas. Students applied themselves phenomenally well when working independently to plan this fieldwork, a skill which they have to now show evidence of in the new Geography GCSE and also at A Level. Some were already using GCSE level ideas and techniques. We collected enough data to prove our hypothesis: yes, FAN does have its own microclimate. Which areas do you think are the warmest, the windiest and the coolest? Ask a Year 8 to see if you are correct and then ask them to tell you why!


Mrs Hirst