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Year 8 Football v APHS

Well done to all the pupils who played against Alderman Peel High School in the football match on Wed 19th October 2016.
Both teams started a bit scrappy in the first 10 minutes but after that we started to play some good football and were rewarded with an excellent goal from Samuel Dixon. After the restart from APHS, we were pressuring them very well and we got the ball back in possession and started a nice attack and we got another very nice goal from Alfie Cator. After the restart an unexpected bad pass from Wells went straight to Alfie Cator and he shot and scored within 40 seconds. A few minutes later, Wells were in possession of the ball and Mylo Hill won the ball back and attacked with pace on the right side of the Wells penalty box, he took a shot with some power and scored before the keeper could even move and he was absolutely delighted with himself. There were a couple of substitutions made by Mr Savage and people were put in different positions which would normally mean that there would be fewer goals to come, but with you will never guess what, Alfie Cator popped up and scored another cracker! It was coming to the last 10 minutes of the game and some more changes had been made with Travis Fletcher upfront and Samuel Dixon in midfield. Charlie Satchel is on the ball, he passed to Travis and he started to attack with some power, he had a shot and scored with a deflection. Samuel Dixon has the ball on the edge of the right hand side of the penalty box and scores in the top left hand corner in the last 5 minutes with a well struck shot. Wells have a small attack but were stopped by Shea Durrant who passes to Billy Castles on the wing with nobody in the box so he decides to have a shot and scored. There is 1 minute left for one more attack from Fakenham Academy and Samuel Dixon has a shot and scores. After all those goals, the match came to an end. This was our first league game and we are all very proud of ourselves.

Samuel Dixon