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Year 7&8 Hockey

 On Monday 8th October, year 8/7 went to Aylsham for a hockey tournament. We played against two Reepham teams, Cromer, Aylsham and against each other. We had two teams, team 2 and team 3. Team 2 held an amazing battle against 5 different teams including the match against each other. With incredible defending and attacking. Team 2 managed to win 4 games and lose 1. Team 3 also held a strong battle against all the other teams. With their strong defending and attacking team 3 managed to win 2 games, draw 1 and lose 2. Overall, we held a strong fight in every match and played the best we could. Although we didn’t win all matches we done the most important thing and that was to enjoy it and have fun. Everyone was also able to learn something from the games we played. We would like to thank Aylsham for inviting us. Also, we would like to thank miss for taking us, coaching us and for umpiring our matches.

Mrs Curtis