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Year 7 Road Safety Awareness Session

Road Safety at Fakenham Academy by Matilda White

In September, Sandy Reed came to Fakenham Academy to Learning for Life lessons to give a talk to all year 7s about road safety. After introducing himself to us, he went through some old primary school road safety - memories like Bethany and Benjamin,the Dooms family and Going Places. Boy, those were some happy times!


The presentation was called Choices, Probability and the Grim Reaper!

I bet that got everyone's attention!

First, Mr Reed went through the fact that this was not for primary kids. Yes, we’re adults now! (well kind of!)   

He covered a lot of topics like what would make you take care on the roads, also the amount of injuries in our area.  Luckily, only two deaths - phew!


There are three options you can do to make sure to avoid the Grim Reaper. Option 1 - just ignore all the safety advice, ‘It won’t happen to me’.  Incase you haven’t realised it, it’s the people who do this that meet Mr Death early.

Option 2 - engineering actually doing something about it like providing zebra and green man crossings. But, be careful, if you see the green man it just means the bulb is working so check each way before crossing.

Option 3 - education.  If you’re getting a lesson about road safety, don’t fall asleep! If you pay attention you might be the lucky ducky that doesn’t get splatted!

Stay safe and pay attention to cars!