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Year 7 Geography Field Trip - Homes or Habitats?

'Don't destroy the countryside' was the resounding decision from this year's Year 7s after some debate at our annual Homes or Habitats trip to Gressenhall. All Year 7 students had the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of people with conflicting views about how we should enable small scale farmers to keep their farms when they visited Gressenhall as part of Geography Fieldwork. Students debated as to whether small scale farmers should sell their land for housing in order to make money or whether they should diversify and continue to keep the rural peace in Norfolk. Ideas included setting up a farm shop, hosting community events and even making their own ice cream in order to make money from the farm rather than selling up. After visiting the farm and talking about planning issues and compromise students then held a debate before voting on what should be done. 

We were proud of the enthusiasm and ideas that came out of the day. Students will now use these ideas and this experience to produce their own piece of assessed work.


We also saw some very cute lambs!


The Geography Department