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Year 12 Students Visit to Pensthorpe

On Thursday 6th of July a group of 11 year 12 biology students, accompanied by Mrs Mack and Jo Stone went to Pensthorpe Nature Reserve. This visit to the scenic area was for the year 12’s to complete investigations into the population of organisms within different areas of the reserve, for a controlled coursework piece which is to be carried out in year 13. All of the students carried out their own investigations in groups using quadrats and transects to gain reliable data from different areas within the reserve, by completing the experiment in different areas the group are able to put all of their findings together to gain a more representative conclusion of the population of the different species that were investigated; ranging from water mint to bluebells to ordinary grass. After a period of collecting data the group reassembled for discussion of this data. After this we had free time to look round the reserve itself or, what the majority ended up doing playing in the park! All in all we had an amazing day, where every single one of us has been amazed at what new skills and facts we had learnt. We are all extremely thankful to Mrs Mack and Jo Stone for organising such an amazing, fun filled experience for us all and helping us to develop our practical skills..