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Year 10 Students Complete Work Experience

2016 Work Experience.

Well done to all our year 10 students.

2016 was a fantastic year for success stories from students who went out on work experience.

The students went off to try out Boat Fitting, Wind Farming, Dog Grooming, Lab Work, Engineering, Assisting in Vets, Care Homes and Schools, Building, Plumbing, Offices Accounts, Factories and many other exciting placements.

We have had a number of students who have done so well they have secured jobs from their placements.

One student, had a placement with a company of Tree Surgeons and seems to have secured himself an apprenticeship.  Well done Ben, how exciting.

Another found himself a place at Bircham Windmill and had continued to work with them throughout the summer.  He even became the winner of a bread baking competition and has helped with the harvest loaf which travels around the local churches.

Another student whose work placement was organised while still in year 9, spent a very successful 8 days with PMC Harvesters, which turned into 2 weeks.  The student is very hopeful that there will be a job for him when he leaves school.

Many more students have come back with positive feedback from their placements with a very varied cohort of employers and it seems that pretty much all of them gained a great deal from their experiences.  Hopefully many will go on to pursue a career based on the knowledge they have gained.

Lizzy Wrote a report about the placement she completed at Bretts Wood, part of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust:

On Wednesday 13th July, Mark Webster kindly drove a group of both volunteers and regular visitors from First Focus in Fakenham to Brett’s wood, a Norfolk Wildlife Trust site. I have been volunteering this week since Monday for work experience and found this opportunity to be an excellent way of getting to know everyone better, and see them being themselves, as well as myself.

Mark was a very knowledgeable, understanding guide and never ceased to amaze us with interesting information. Neil was able to find the species of plants and insects on his kindle, whilst Pam was managing a quick pace along the track. Cathie and I took a short stop to brush the insects off Pam’s white cardigan - they thought she was a flower!

Howard never failed to take an opportunity to joke about my fear of insects because my efforts of avoiding them were futile considering how beautifully nature was flourishing there. John and I had many lovely conversations about the woods and he seemed to have also really thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Howard Dixon was without a doubt the star of the group! He managed the walk incredibly well and loved the opportunity to get out and explore. After our tea-party style lunch, typically, the British weather changed from applying suncream to taking shelter from the copious amounts of rain! A brave group (Mark, Neil, Howard D and Ian) ventured out in the rain to go pond dipping! Seeing Howard D being one of the adventurous few was very heart warming due to the fact that walking is a hard task for him with his two sticks.

Ian did an amazing job of taking some breathtaking photographs of butterflies as well as some group photos, which show how much of an enjoyable day it was because of the big smiles on our faces!

If I am able to, I will definitely try and visit again soon, because not only was the walk beautiful and good fun, but I have also had a lovely time at  First Focus talking to many interesting people, and broadening my people skills, as well as confidence. Thank you for having me!