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Y9 Students take part in Maths on the Farm at Easton College

On the 2nd February 2017, a group of year nine students from Fakenham Academy Norfolk got the chance to go to Easton and Otley college for the morning. The trip was about maths on the farm and how maths is applied in a real situation. Our tutors for the day were Danny and Andrew. They taught us how many grams of seed we need to use to sow a hectare of field. I remember that we calculated we needed 57 grams per square metre.

We then had to ride on a tractor out to the farm, to go to the crops to test if the barley shoots had been planted correctly. Before we did this Louis had to walk 100 steps along the edge of the field to measure a hectare, so we could understand the scale of the task. We then got into groups and had to dig up barley shoots from a metre strip and count them to check the crop yield in a row of barely.

We then had a chance to visit some animals on the farm, we went to see the cows where one of the them decided to suckle on my fingers. We checked the amount of feed required to for each animal and realised how complicated farming can be.  After visiting the cows we went to see the piglets in the pig shed. They were very cute and it was amazing to see how many there were in a relatively small space, but this also had to be calculated, to fit in with Farm Assured standards, another mathematical problem.

We returned to the Jubilee Building at the College, where we did a recap on our mathematical calculation and discovered the crop yield was better than expected, but the error was down to the grain weight we calculated earlier in the day and the fact we’d used a different type of seed.  With calculators and clipboards in hand we then returned to Fakenham for lunch

I would like to thank Danny and Andrew for such an enjoyable morning, even though our brains were exhausted working out yields and grain weights.

By Hannah, Year 9 student.