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Y7 Students go Sky Diving

In september, we started a science club called Sensational Science.We meet every wednesday to do fun and exciting experiments like:making lava lamps, bouncy balls, sucking up bugs with a pooter and making snow out of nappies and much more.We are the only club that has successfully continued through the year. As a reward we were told we could go on a trip. Each group had to do a presentation on where we would like to go. Maddie’s group did an amazing presentation on iFly which is an indoor skydiving centre in Milton Keynes. Professor iFly taught us all about the physics of flight and we built a wind powered vehicle. We then got ready to fly… Tom our instructor took us into a room to watch a video on what to do and how to do it and there was also a various hand signals that Tom would use to get us to do different things because the wind tunnel was really loud and we got our flying suit, goggles and helmet, we also had to put in some ear plugs and then we were ready to fly ! We went up to the wind tunnel and we were ready to fly. We queued up to go in the wind tunnel we each took turns to enter the tunnel the first time we went in the tunnel we learnt how to get our position right, then on our second turn we did a high fly which is where Tom holds on to you, he spins you around whilst going right to the top of the 50ft tall wind tunnel. It was an amazing experience.