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Y7 Drama Poster Competition

The whole of Year 7 took part in a poster competition related to their work in Drama on 'Darkwood Manor.'  A spooky manor house sits on the hill overlooking the village of Darkwood.  The owners wish to sell the mansion but have been unable to due to rumours of the manor being haunted.  A reward has been offered of £100,000 to anyone brave enough to spend the night in the manor to prove once and for all it is not haunted.  The poster had to advertise this competition.  Some really hard work went into making the posters, there was tea staining, fake blood and some fantastic artwork involved.  The top 10 posters from the year came from Trinity Curl, Elisha Williamson, Morgan Leathers, Alara Page, Mylea Glossop, Meg Robinson and Micks McNaughton. In the top 3 were Callie Walden, Eliza Dew and Marshall Taylor.