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UEA Law Students Visit FAN

On Tuesday 6th of December, some UEA students visited Fakenham Academy Year 9 students. They talked about crimes to do with social media. They had made a PowerPoint for us to look at and it was interesting and full of facts. They also got us involved by doing a quiz where we had to hold up whether we thought the answer was true or false, or a,b,c or d.

Finally, we got into groups and each group had a law student. They each gave us a selection of crimes, charges and sentences. Then in the group, we had to match up which ones went together. This was really fun because it was good to see which crimes matched up with each other. Each of the law students explained what the crime was and how serious this could end up being. All of the law students were happy to take any questions we had about the law and even university. This was good because it gave us a really good understanding and a taste of whether this would be a career we would want to pursue ourselves.

Overall, we all really enjoyed ourselves and would love to do the same thing again with the law students. We would also like to thank the law students that came into the Academy for giving up their time to explain the laws surrounding social media to us.

Emily Bingham