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U15 Netball VS Reepham High School

During the first quarter FAN scored 4 goals and RHS scored 2 goals. In the second quarter FAN scored 8 goals and RHS scored 3 goals. In the third quarter FAN scored 2 goals and RHS scored 3 goals. In the last quarter FAN didn’t score any goals but RHS scored 4 goals. The final score was FAN 14 and RHS 12.
 The goals were scored by L.Roberts, K.Scallan and in the third quarter S.Curl swapped to goal attack and scored 2 goals for FAN. The team was swapped in the third quarter as we were beating RHS comfortably and Mrs Dewson wanted a fair game. The whole team played well but we thought that K.Townshend and K.Scallan were players of the match. 

By L.Roberts