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U14 Netball

U14 Netball


This afternoon saw the first game for Fakenham Academy of the season.

There were 4 quarters played, the first quarter started with much determination and eager to get back onto the court and you could definitely feel the same from APHS.


When the first whistle sounded to start the game, you could see by the way every single girl on the court stood, that they wanted to win this game.  The quick passes and dodging made the game extremely exciting to play, the first quarter came to an end with a score of FAN scoring 3 goals and APHS scoring 2.


The second quarter started with the subs now roaring with energy to help us win, FAN kept on going not letting APHS get any goals in and FAN scoring 2 more.


2 quarters down 2 more to go; APHS then had a changeup of their team having some of the U16A’s playing against us.  With encouraging words from Mrs Dewson we had the determination to keep the winning streak even though we all knew this was going to be harder.


With the end of the 3rd quarter nearing to a close everyone wanted to put their all into it , at this point APHS were losing by 1 goal. The whistle was blown and the girls ran in, determined to not let the opposition have the ball, quicker passes and more running around than ever to get rid of their player and a lot much pushing and shoving but it paid off, it was whenever FAN scored APHS scored straight after it was like dominos.  Unfortunately FAN had a couple more fouls than APHS.


APHS took their centre ball and passed it round so quickly that before any of the FAN girls realised it was already in the D and I looked over at the time keeper she was lifting her whistle up towards her lips just as APHS’ goal shooter pushed her arms up and released the ball, the ball ran round the edge of the hoop, while having everyone waited in anticipation the ball fell into the hoop and the APHS girls cheering the whistle went for the end of the game.


The score for the game was FAN 9 APHS 10.


With a few saddened faces from FAN the overall feeling felt great as we knew we had played extremely well and it was a great start to the season.


Special mention to Izzy P scoring 1 goal, Kayleigh S scoring 2 goals and Lizzie R scoring 6 goals.  Great Team effort girls!


By Lizzie R.