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U14 Girls Badminton V Reepham & Wymondham

Fakenham U14 Girls welcomed and hosted both Wymondham and Reepham to play all 3 games on one night.

The Fakenham Team made up of Scarlett Curl & Kayleigh Scallan (Year 8), Alex Potter (Year 8) & Alice Hobbs (Year 7), Lizzie Roberts (Year 8) & Issy Pearson (Year 8) were all representing Fakenham in their first competitive game of badminton and the girls were quite nervous. However once they began to play they soon started to enjoy themselves and the nerves settled.

It looked very likely that Fakenham would have to start the matches 3-0 down when one of the players dropped out at the very last minute. But, thanks to Alice Hobbs, who kindly returned to school, Mrs Price was able to field a full team. Alice had only started playing badminton in September but because she practises at least twice a week she deserved her call up to the older team. Thanks to Alice, Fakenham won 4 of the 6 games they would have lost had she not played.

I would like to thank James Barrett and Maddie Curl who kindly came and scored the games and even gave advice to some of the girls on their serve and general play.

Final Scores for the games were as follow:

Fakenham v Reepham 7-2
Scarlett & Kayleigh won all their games easily, 21-4, 21-3, 21-4
Issy Pearson & Lizzie Roberts won all their games 21-10, 21-20 & 21-6
Alice Hobbs and Alex Potter won 21-7 lost 15-21 then conceded the final game

Fakenham v Wymondham 8-1
Scarlett & Kayleigh won 21-11, 21-9, 21-4
Issy & Lizzie won 21-19, 21-15 lost 20-21
Alex & Alice won 21-10, 21-16, 21-12