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Teenage Cancer Trust Visit Y10 Lesson


By Grace Anderson

On Tuesday the 27th of September, a lady from Teenage Cancer Trust came into our year 10 class to teach us about Cancer, the signs of Cancer and what to do if we were to feel any of the symptoms taught to us coming on. She gave us lots of information on treating our bodies healthily and keeping it as safe as possible, to lower our risks of having problems with Cancer and told us what we could do if we felt at all that our bodies felt different to what we were used to.

She taught us all about the different Cancers and told us if we were unsure about anything then head to Teenage Cancer Trust's website which holds all of the information we need to know. Also, she taught us that Teenage Cancer Trust was there to support teens going through the horrific disease and that we should take action on anything that we feel is not right, to be in with a chance of catching anything early before it gets worse.  We felt it was a very useful session.