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Tarmac brings Road Safety to FAN

In our Learning for Life lesson, we were visited by Justin, Brent and April from Tarmac company.  April was a lorry driver. They brought in a huge 32 ton tipper truck.  Justin showed us all the blind spots.  These were the areas where the driver was unable to see cyclists or pedestrians. The whole class stood on a mat in front of the lorry and to the left hand side and the driver couldn't see ANY of us.  We were allowed a little hop in to explore the safety features that are in place to protect the cyclist and pedestrian, like special cameras, mirrors and sensors.  I didn't know that a truck could be so dangerous and so safe at the same time.

Everyone had a turn in the cab and we all liked looking at all the screens that gave information to the driver.  But we liked honking the horn best. It was really loud and probably people in the school could hear it!

I found out that if you were to order a Tarmac lorry, it would take four months to arrive, costing £70,000. It has two fuel tanks and it delivers sand and gravel.  April loves her job driving.  It reminded us of what we had been doing in lessons about stereotyping.  When we were asked who we thought the driver was, we all said Brent and he doesn't drive trucks at all!