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Talented former FAN student who funded dream with paper round appeals for help

Dancer appeals for help to make dreams come true

It has been her dream for as long as she can remember.

But despite her mother working three jobs, for Lauren Lloyd the chance to become a professional dancer was out of her reach.

Undeterred, at the age of 15, the former Fakenham Academy Norfolk student began working a paper round and used her wages to pay for dance lessons herself.

Now 17, Lauren, who studies at College of West Anglia has excelled in her field and has been accepted into a private dance school.

She has just one final hurdle to overcome - raising £4,500 for tuition fees.

Lauren, of Little Snoring, near Fakenham, said: “I have always wanted to be a dancer since I was young but as my mum is a single parent who works three jobs, and only just earns enough money to support me and my brother, we could never afford it.

“My mum just couldn’t run to any extras such a dance classes, although we never went without. Extras just weren’t a possibility.”

She has only been dancing for two years but has progressed quickly onto advanced training, and has taken an Extended Diploma in Dance.

“I love every moment of my course and I have learned so much about dance and technique, even gone so far in my progression to start pointe work in ballet,” she said.

“Dance is one of the best things I’ve ever saved for.”

Spurred on by her success, Lauren auditioned for the Chantry School Of Contemporary and Balletic Arts, in Grantham, East Midlands, and was offered a place on the spot.

Lauren currently works two jobs to pay for her dance classes and is saving for the tuition fees but student finance is not available for her on this course.

“Dance school is my dream.

“There are many more things that I have to pay for such as uniform, trips, exams, accommodation, and once I start at the dance school I will also be working as many hours as possible to help cover living costs.

“Anything that anyone could give would be a huge help.”

So far she has raised around £990. To donate visit her GoFundMe page at