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Strengthening Long Term Geographical Learning Through Links With Our Local Community

Fakenham Academy Year 11 GCSE Geography students had their revision brought to life, through an informative visit from Andrew Steele. Andrew works for Kinnerton Confectionery based in Fakenham, who are fourth largest chocolate producer in Great Britain. Andrew gave the students a detailed presentation on all the stages of the manufacture of chocolate, using globalisation to link employment in Fakenham to the growth of cocoa beans in West Africa.

Sustainable production of commodities such as cocoa is a core principle of GCSE Geography ‘Changing Economic World’ studies, being not only being part of the syllabus of the final GCSE Geography examinations but also incorporated in the forthcoming Year 11 GCSE Geography mock examinations.

Geography teaching at Fakenham Academy continues to be proactive in strengthening its curriculum, in order to build and strengthen contemporary real world exemplars linked to work based learning. This is combined with ongoing initiatives, specifically targeted at using approaches such as this visit to develop memorable events to act as a framework for strengthening long term memory. These approaches are only possible with the support of our local community. Thank you to Andrew Steele and Kinnerton Confectionery, for strengthening the long term learning and understanding of our GCSE Geography students.

Colin Bye FRGS

Head of Geography

Head of Humanities, Social Sciences, PE and MFL Faculty