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Stop the Chop!

Year 7 have been working hard on understanding the issues surrounding the mass deforestation that is occurring in the Amazon rainforest. On the one hand the huge variety of species both discovered and undiscovered need protecting but on the other hand countries that are developing such as Brasil need to use their resources to make money. We've all heard of global warming but do we spend enough time considering the loss of biodiversity on our planet: an issue that scientists feel is as important, if not more important than climate change?

Year 7 have done an excellent job of exploring these issues by creating t shirts to publicise the problem and considering sustainable forestry as an answer. 


As well as helping to raise awareness of global issues, we then narrowed our focus right down to our school grounds and considered the issue of traffic safety and sustainable transport at the front of FAN. Students worked together in teams to create recommendations for safer transport.


What a productive end to the year. More issues in year 8 Geography next year.