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Sports Day 2019

Sports Day took place over 3 very hot days during CEW week this year.  Year 9 completing theirs on Monday, Year 8 on Tuesday and Year 7 on Wednesday.  For the safety of the children we completed some of the activities in the sports centre.  Those that took part were fantastic and worked incredibly hard for their respective houses.


Year 9 results:


1st= Mars 252

2nd=Jupiter 233

3rd= Neptune 219

4th= Saturn 122


Year 8 results:


1st= Mars 165

2nd= Jupiter 144

3rd= Saturn 135

4th= Neptune 121


Year 7 results:


1st= Jupiter 120

2nd= Mars 87

3rd= Neptune 85

4th= Saturn 77


On what was to be Mr Savage’s last sports day as Mars head of house, they finished overall winners of the 3 days by just 7 points.  This was their 1st ever sports day win.


Overall results:


1st=Mars 504

2nd= Jupiter 497

3rd= Neptune 425

4th= Saturn 334