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Sports clubs and hubs

Sports clubs and hubs
Where: Alderman Peel high School
Who with: Craig Heap (A.K.A the Heapster)
What time: 9:30 am - 11:00am

This trip was about trying to get more people involved in more sports. Also people who don’t really enjoy sports to get involved.

When we arrived Craig showed us a slideshow on what the Sports clubs and hubs was about and what we had to do to get involved.
The first activity was writing down what sports clubs we would like to do.  Then we talked about why we do sports and what it means.
The next activity, we learnt why we need to communicate, by holding a long piece of rope and we were not allowed to have both hands off the rope, we were only allowed one hand off and one hand on.
After the rope activity, Craig talked about the top tips for doing sports,
they were have a plan, mental toughness, hunger to achieve, people skills and breaking barriers.
Then we had the activity where we had to build a tower out of newspaper and Sellotape and a time limit of 5 minutes. This was about communication again.
We watched a video of Craig after a 20 minute delay. The reason for this was thinking what he could have done to keep warm, and control the controllables.

We had an great time there!!!

by Alex Potter Yr 8