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Soiree Evening At FAN

Musical Soiree Evening - Friday 18th November

We held our annual Senior Soiree recently and welcomed student performers and an audience of family and friends. What a delight it was to hear senior students perform solo in a wide range of disciplines.


Alto sax, voice, bassoon, clarinet, trumpet, violin, bass, piano, French horn and oboe - all of these were used to showcase the talents of young people. For anyone who has not been to one of our soirees it is an opportunity we give to students to perform in front of a live but friendly audience. Some find this very easy and seem to breeze in and out easily enough. For some students this is a highly nerve-wracking experience but one they are all the stronger for getting through.


If you had wanted to hear Ladies in Lavender, Fantasia, Somebody to love, Red Dwarf and Tequila sunrise to name just some then you would not have been disappointed.


Huge thanks to Sylvia Newton, Chris Brown and the supporting staff of sound and lighting people for putting on this event. It was a real pleasure to be there and we are looking forward to the Christmas Concert on 9th December and the Junior Soiree on 27th January. Both Fridays at 7-30pm and ALL ARE WELCOME!