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Sheringham Robotics Competition May 2019

On May 3rd Oliver  and Nathan  went along to Sheringham High School to take part in the final round of the Dudgeon-sponsored Lego Robotics competition.  See the latest Dudgeon Newsletter.  At the preliminary event in November 2018 our two robots had performed well but we were hoping to win a place on an all-expenses paid trip to Estonia to take part in the Robotex 2019 event.  Link to Robotex website

There were just three schools taking part - Sheringham High School, Alderman Peel and Fakenham Academy.  There were 10 line-following robots and 6 Sumo bots, all competing to win a place on the trip to Estonia.  With just one bot in each category we were definitely outnumbered but Oliver and Nathan put up a great fight.  Nathan (Sumo bot) won several of his bouts against stiff opposition which included an Alderman Peel bot with a front scoop designed to get under the wheels of the opposition.  Nathan’s bot won on sheer pushing-power and shoved robot “Jeff” out of the ring! Watch ( Nathan’s bot beat some Sheringham opposition.

The line-following competition was just as competitive but each bot took the course on its own against the clock.  The morning of the competition was the first time we had seen the competition mat for the line-follower but Oliver was confident that his bot would do well.  The first few rounds were very stressful as the bot made it through three-quarters of the course and then seemed to give up and wander off!! Finally, Oliver’s bot made it through the course in a superb time - see Oliver’s bot complete the course (

Sadly, Nathan’s Sumo bot didn’t win enough of its rounds and Oliver’s line-follower was just a tenth of a second slower than Derek the Alderman Peel bot.  We had a super morning at Sheringham, lots of fun and friendly competition. It was great to see all the students supporting and encouraging each other, cheering on the robots and sharing ideas and tips.

Now we have a new line-following mat and the impetus to strive again for next year and a place on the Estonia trip!  Well done Oliver and Nathan for working so hard and for being such a credit to the school.

If any Year 7 - 10 students would like to learn about Lego robots; build a bot of their own and program it then why not come along on Tuesday after-school where Nathan and Oliver can teach you how to build a competition-ready bot!