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A Sense of Place

A Level Geographers from Fakenham Sixth Form completed enhanced fieldwork on the north Norfolk coast in February 2018, building upon the successes of previous physical geography fieldwork at Salthouse to further incorporate and develop the human geography ‘Changing Places’ topic of the AQA A Level Geography specification.

Colin Bye, Sally Hirst and Catherine Thorpe were joint authors of a Geographical Association ‘Teaching Geography’ article in Autumn 2017, detailing how Fakenham College/Fakenham Sixth Form created local opportunities for independent investigations. A key element was partnership work with Sally Birch at Sheringham Museum, to develop a ‘Changing Places’ AQA A Level Geography workshop. The AQA A Level Geography specification states that through the ‘Changing Places’ topic, students must study two contrasting places with one of these being a local place. Students study how places are known and experienced, how their character is appreciated, the factors and processes which impact upon places and how they change and develop over time. This was brought to life during our visit to Sheringham Museum through the personal experiences of Geraldine Bird, a born and bred Sheringham resident and Colin Seal, a local artist who paints the murals seen on walls around Sheringham. Students were able to put questions to both of these guests, ranging from their experiences at Sheringham during the 1953 storm surge and the background to the range of paintings seen around Sheringham. It is anticipated that this strengthening of the ‘Changing Places’ topic, combined with fieldwork on ‘Coastal Systems and Landscapes’ on the north Norfolk coast, will result in a greater range of Non Examined Assessment (NEA) studies covering human geography and/or physical geography topics.

Thank you to the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm, for sponsoring the purchase of the fieldwork equipment required for this fieldwork, the Sheringham Shantymen for the use of The Oddfellows Hall, Sheringham to host our fieldwork and Sally Birch, Geraldine Bird and Colin Seal through their work at Sheringham Museum.


C BYE Head of Humanities, Teacher of Geography