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Science and Technology Challenge Day

On July 1st Mrs Gray and Mrs Price took a small group of Year 8 and 9 girls (Rubie, Paige, Hollie, Emma, Kaisha, Aarshiya-Imani, Micks & Hannah) attended a Science & Technology Challenge Day at Ormiston Victory Academy. The girls were quite nervous at the start of the day as they were put into teams of four with two students from other schools. They had to complete three out of four challenges which consisted of
programming a Lego robot to navigate a course using sensors;
questioning a “patient” and diagnosing their illness;
being witness to a “crime” then using police-style software to create an e-Fit image of the thief;
using engineering skills, and rubber bands, to make a buggy run across a carpet.

Communication skills and team-working were most important for the teams as they tackled three out of the four challenges. The girls had a brilliant day, grew in confidence and were buzzing with excitement on the way home! Rubie and Emma were in a team that came third in the three activities that they attempted and were individually congratulated by the organiser Mr Waterworth of MCS Projects Ltd.