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Planning And Delivery Of Emergency Response To Hazards On The North Norfolk Coast

Planning And Delivery Of Emergency Response To Hazards On the North Norfolk Coast

Year 12 A Level Geography students at Fakenham Sixth Form were visited by Richard Cook, Civil Contingencies Manager at North Norfolk Council, in April 2018, to increase their awareness and understanding of the real-life issues associated with planning and delivering emergency responses to flooding hazards on the north Norfolk coast.

Students have been studying Coastal Systems and Landscapes based upon the north Norfolk coast during Year 12, complemented by geographical fieldwork investigations based at Salthouse in February 2018. Year 12 students will further extend this fieldwork in July 2018, with fieldwork studies centred around Salthouse, Weybourne and Sheringham on the north Norfolk coast.

The teaching, learning and assessment of these topics has been structured during Year 12 to also incorporate Changing Places, and in-depth study of a local area with studies on Hazards including Hazard Management and Storm Hazards.

Richard's input is extremely important in building students’ understanding of not only processes operating on the north Norfolk coast, but also the views of a range of stakeholders and how decisions are taken and implemented in these emergency situations. It is an insight into these events, which will allow our students to extend their discussion in written assessments, provide added enrichment to their independent geography fieldwork investigations and make links between the range of topics and concepts taught in A Level Geography.

I would like to thank Richard for once again giving up his time to help our students. His contribution is central to our teaching, using our local environment in a variety of different ways to teach real-life geography.

Colin Bye FRGS

Head of Humanities, Social Sciences and PE Faculty