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Pensthorpe Work Experience

For my work experience I went to Norfolk’s biggest tourist attraction, Pensthorpe Natural Park. After fighting other students across the county for the right to wear their trainee badge I had five days of work which helped me so much with coping with the world of employment.

Throughout the week I swapped roles everyday, which revolved around the Hootz Playhouse & Pensthorpe Reception/Shop. Meeting and greeting customers was nice to do because it helped me with my people skills and strengthened my communication. The staff were some of the best you could wish for. Their high spirit and love of the park was contagious and made the week so enjoyable. Although I was checking that the children played safe and moved stock around the site, it felt like I was an important part of the team.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working at Pensthorpe and recommend it to any students wishing to try something new.  

By Curtis Walter, Year 13 Student