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North Norfolk Skills and Careers Festival

On Tuesday 9th July 13 Year 9 students attended the North Norfolk Skills and Careers festival at Paston College were we took part in STEM activities such as "what happens if you put a cut grape in the microwave?", iodine clock,and making a habitat for brine shrimps using plastic bottles. The maths challenge proved a little hard to start with however one of the teams came up with the correct answer the maths teacher didn't have on his list!

We visited the psychology room to learn about how the brain works,we were told an interesting fact about the frontal lobe and most of us will never look at mushrooms in the same way!
We then walked around careers stands were we asked lots of questions and received lots of freebies! 

As the last remaining school we spent the rest of the afternoon dancing away to the music provided for us by Nova training.