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North Norfolk Skills and Careers Festival

Skills and Careers Festivals- 10th July,2018-Paston College

On Tuesday 10th July a small group of year 9 students visited the North Norfolk Skills and Careers festival at Paston College.

This STEMM based festival was aimed at year 9 and 10’s to help them have an insight into different career choices, that include the STEMM subjects (science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine). This day allowed students to get the opportunity to ask questions about a certain career path they may want to follow.

During the day, we were allowed to visit 40 exhibitors, these included:

  • City College Norfolk
  • East of England Energy group
  • Paston college
  • The British Army
  • Westover Vets

And many, many more…….

In the morning, we took part in STEMM based activities, physics, chemistry, biology, maths and psychology. In the sciences, we did different experiments; one included turning milk clear using enzymes, one making a solution turn from clear to blacky purple in a minute and one using a tablet and water turning it upside down and then POP!!! In psychology, we learnt that video games can make us lose our empathy part of our brain!

After the BBQ lunch, we were allowed to go off in small groups to explore all the different stalls. All the stalls we visited were really helpful, they answered all the questions we had and gave us leaflets for more information.

We would recommend other year 9’s in years to come to take this opportunity because it has given us extra information that we didn’t know about all the different types of jobs that include the STEMM subjects. It is also a fun day out too.

Alex Potter, Emily Hammond, Georgia Sweet, Emily Jones, Lydia Spowage, Ben Burbidge

Group 1

To begin with, we visited all the many STEM activities that were available on the day including: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths and Psychology. The STEM activities we went on included, turning milk into different colours, learning about the Golden Numbers, racing scalextric cars powered by us on bikes and many more.

As well as these STEM activities there were many stalls from loads of different companies including the NHS, Holkham estate, UTC, Hansells solicitors and financial advisors and lloyds bank along with many more.

Group 2

After the STEM activities we walked around the hall looking at all the stalls and receiving as much information about jobs and future plans that we wish to make a reality.

We Took part in a quiz which encouraged us to ask stall holders questions and in doing so find out information we were not expecting on future careers that we may not have thought about. The stall owners were very generous and provided us with booklets/leaflets which contained extra information as well as keyrings, rulers, cow and heart shaped stress balls and pens

School staff were approached by staff organising the event who commented on the student’ behaviour as “the most interactive school visiting the event” and “you must be so proud of your students”.