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Norfolk Young Coaches Academy

On the 22nd of February, three students from Year 9; Emily Bingham, Megan Canning and Louis Singleton; attended a sports coaching course held at Easton College. There were children attending from lots of different schools across the region.

They all learnt how to coach and make all types of sport enjoyable and be able to adapt different games to suit children’s different needs and abilities.

There were three different workshops for them to take part in during the day to cover warm up games, philosophy and ethics behind sports, and using technology in sports and coaching. Each workshop was designed to teach the students a lot of things and handy tips to take on through their school years and maybe past that into their careers.

Overall it was a really good experience to go and I had a great day. I would definitely recommend it to any others who were interested if they were given the opportunity.

By Emily Bingham, Yr 9