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National Poetry Day Competition 2019

Over sixty poems collected within one week! Quite a haul. Nobody could suggest that poetry is a

Cinderella Art at fakenham High School, although many of our poets may be so bashful they do not

sign their work!

This year’s National Poetry Day theme is ‘truth’ and many entries chose to address this knotty and

topical issue. The very best poems rose above the formulaic and spoke with real conviction. There

were no ‘duds’ and, thank goodness, no Limericks, generally speaking the graveyard of poetry. Only

Edwayd Lear and Spike Milligan wrote them with any panache. Having said that, there was evidence

of a real awareness of form, a tribute to The English Department, who clearly see beyond the

confines of a restrictive syllabus. Poetry and science are great bedfellows, though, as is poetry and


music, mathematics and sport. Samule Beckett was a brilliant cricketer. Lucretius wrote the first

cosmology in Latin Verse.

As for the three outright winners, what joy! Maddison flies with a catalogue of artful denials,

concluding in defiance; Kieran is masterful and yet tentative, a humane and mature philosopher;

Oliver is almost surreal and vividly dismissive of his own talent. They all write beyond their years and

were singled out by all the judges. No shoddy compromises here. Next year there will be hundreds

to choose from.



Our Winners and Runners up are:

1 st Who Am I? Maddison Cole ( ?)

2 nd Truth-Kieron Topping

3 rd To Watch the flowers grow with patient eyes -Oliver McCarthy


Highly Commended:

My Truth Poem - Holly Humphrey

What is Truth - Jo Whitlock

I Can't Help But Feel – Daniel Biddulph

Truth - Ethan Williams

What is Truth - Chloe Smith

What is Truth Walter Mitchell

Fake News – Susan Moore

Family – Taylor Eckett

Wings of Peace- Sally West