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My Camouflage learning experience.

My Camouflage learning experience.

I have loved the time I have had with Nervy, who was the person who come to do the camouflaged learning.

I'm so happy I got to be chosen for this activity! It's been such a fun experience and I'm sad to know it's all come to an end. You have so much fun and I would definitely recommend this to other people!

I was lucky and I was chosen to go to the final and compete against Wayland and UTC to get my points at the end. I didn't care if I didn't win, I just wanted the experience.

 We had to go around the grounds looking for credits to buy materials with. We then had to use the materials to build a shelter to keep as dry while all the camouflaged helpers sprayed the shelters with water. At some point we had to make a cup of tea and pancake with only an empty can and 2 tea lights. It was really hard. I drank and ate most of them and I hated it. It tasted horrible but it was a good laugh. After we had to build a boat to go on the river and fit three people in it. Everyone ended up in the cold water and we all got soaked. It was so much fun!

Me and Charlie-Ann won the best individual students reward. Charlie won £145 and I am yet to know how much I won.

I'm so happy I got to do all of this. It has gotten me to gain more confidence and I'm not so self conscious anymore because Nervy made us all look like idiots but we didn't care.

I'd like to thank Miss Bucke and all the teachers involved for making this possible! I wish I could do it all over again. I hope they come again!

By Sapphira  - year 9