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Message to parents & carers: Welcome back

Matthew Parr-Burman

Dear parent / carer,

I hope that all of you had a good summer and I do hope your child has settled in well to the new term. We have now had three school weeks and routines here are now firmly established. If you ever need to contact the Academy the form tutor is the first point of contact.

Record GCSE results

I am very pleased to be able to report another year of record results at the Academy. GCSE results were a record here for the fourth consecutive year with more students than ever getting good GCSE grades in five or more subjects, including English and maths. For the first time in the history of the school this is now over 60% of students (despite a slightly lower ability intake overall for that year group). More students than ever have been able to move on to study Advanced level courses.

Students making excellent progress

The progress of students relative to their starting points is also moving up rapidly. This new “Progress 8” statistic measures the progress of ALL students in 8 of their subjects and compares them with how students are doing nationally. On this measure we are likely to be just under half a grade better than the national average. So students here, on average, achieve around half a grade better per subject than they do nationally. We are all extremely proud of the students and I am very proud of them and the staff here.

Fakenham College continues success

Fakenham College again did remarkably well and for the eighth consecutive year we had students who moved on to Oxford or Cambridge. This is a record for any state school in Norfolk of which we are very proud. We also had students again moving on to Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Architecture, English and many many more subjects. They have gone to universities all over the country, spreading their wings and going out into the world to make a real difference. I am so proud of them all.

New website

Our new website is also now live and constantly being improved and updated. Our new e-newsletter will provide links to it where you can read about all the exciting things going on here.

Our rugby teams have again been triumphant over local rivals, continuing a long-standing tradition of sporting excellence. In the second week of term we had over 180 students participating in extra-curricular sport, over 100 involved in music, over 40 taking Latin after school and we have now launched our new bid to start student societies. We want students to come forward with their ideas for what they want to do and we will support these ideas financially and in person.

ABCDE and working towards outstanding

As always my appeal to you is to encourage your child to get their ABCDE right.

A = Attend school every day. We know this is the key to success.

B = Behave correctly. I am so proud of the way our students conduct themselves and we want this to continue.

C = Classwork and Homework to have maximum effort.

D = Dress appropriately. It is clear this has improved a lot in recent years and my huge thanks to parents for their support. I think it is still the area of school skirts that causes most angst. They need to be the Academy skirt and knee length.

E = Expectations. This is the one we can’t see with our eyes but the one that makes the biggest difference. If your child has high expectations of themselves they will do very well.

Many thanks for your ongoing cooperation and my deepest desire is to make Fakenham “completely and utterly outstanding in every single thing that we do”. Working together we can make this come true.

Matthew Parr-Burman - Principal, Fakenham Academy