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LfL students visited by the Army

We were visited by some soldiers in our Learning for Life lesson.  They came to work with us, encouraging us to work in groups to solve problems. The problems tested different skills.  Some groups had to work out a design for a new helmet and had to think about all the different parts needed.  This involved some Science, English and Maths.  Other groups had to use logic to work out the route of a Viking ship and some other details about the attack.  Having to plan to send a group of soldiers to another country needed a lot of Maths and logic and was like what has to happen in real life.
We learnt that there are lots of different jobs that you can do in the army.  Not everyone is a fighting soldier – although our visitors were. Warrant Officer Class 2 Tony (Nobby) Noble parachutes out of planes! We were told that there were practically no jobs that you can do outside of the army that you can’t do in the army. You could be a doctor, nurse, engineer, builder, electrician, scientist. Anything really!  The tasks that we did showed how this can be true.