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Latin students take a trip back in time!

 By Zara Reeve

On Monday, 13th March 2017, our group of year 9 students went to the Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology. We hopped on the mini bus for a 2 hour drive to Cambridge and when we got there we had a warm welcome from our tour guide, Jenny. She wasn’t quite ready so we had a quick look around at the statues and took a few pictures. Then Jenny took us around and explained who the statues were and the stories behind them.

We learnt about Greek and Latin myths which were extremely interesting, my favourite was the story of Medusa the lady with snake hair and if you looked in her eyes she turned you to stone! Alanah said: “I enjoyed hearing the stories about what the heroes and gods did.” After hearing the thrilling stories we got given a worksheet which we had to go around and find the answers to. Lily said “I liked being able to search around the museum independently.” We read the placards and answered the questions, we learnt so much about the statues, it was fascinating! Later we put on our protective white gloves and we were allowed to handle 2000 year old pottery, oil lamps and marble.

It was astounding to think that the bit of pottery in our hands had been used by a Roman person all that time ago. Tim, Chloe and James all really liked the pottery and William said: “I enjoyed handling the old artefacts and figuring out what the patterns could mean.” Once we had all done with that, we said our thank yous and departed. It had been such an excellent experience and I would undoubtedly go again. Thank you to our amazing Latin teacher, Mrs Elffers and Joanne Stone for taking us. We are so lucky to have gone and it was lovely to have a change of scenery.