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It was Mr Sperring in the Library with the mallet!

Cluedo came to the academy last week as year 8 investigated the 'murder' of librarian Sally West.

There were many suspects along the way, including Mr Byrne, Mr Lloyd and Mr Sperring. Year 8 looked at all of the different evidence and interrogated the suspects. It was their job to piece together all of the facts to work out who the killer was.

In the end the evidence pointed to one man, Mr Sperring. Year 8 Needed to strike whilst the iron was hot and have Mr Sperring Arrested. PC Graham  was called in to oversee the investigation and to arrest Mr Sperring, much to the grief of Mr Beck who couldn't hide his emotion, and the delight of Mr Sperring's Y7 Tech Class!

Thankfully Year 8 were correct with their investigation, otherwise the wrong suspect would have been arrested. Mr Sperring said after his arrest that, 'he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!'

A massive thank you goes out to PC Graham and all the staff who took part, and well done year 8!

No librarians were harmed during this activity, Mrs West is alive and well!