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Indoor Rowing and Table Tennis

On the 7th February a selected group of year 7's, 8's, 9's and 10's took part in the North Norfolk table tennis and indoor rowing partnership competition. In true school spirit, we had large numbers and at least one student in every age category.


Everyone put the up most effort into their playing and rowing and it paid off, with Fakenham clearly dominating the qualifiers over Sheringham, Aylsham and Alderman Peel.


Those who qualified for the indoor rowing were- Annabel Nash, Charlie Fish, Scarlett Curl, Cameron Baldock, Harriet Baldock, Joe Lockhart, Sam Cushion, Shea Durrant and Joanna Barton.  All of these finished in the top 3 for their age category with 4 finishing in 1st position.


We're all excited to see what the County finals bring but however strong the competition, our school ethos which is as ever impressive, outstanding and gives a real sense of teamwork, just the same as the qualifiers, will pull us all through.


Joanna Barton, Yr 10