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Impact! Emergency Services visit College in road safety awareness campaign


On Wednesday the 22nd of March, all three emergency services visited Fakenham College as part of Norfolk Constabulary’s campaign to highlight the dangers of being on the road to young drivers. Students were greeted by the scene of a  "crash" which had been recreated, along with a vehicle showing the impact of a real crash. The car belonged to local man,Thomas Semmons, who told us the story of his late night crash. Thomas' story alone was enough to stop students from ever wanting to do any of the "Fatal 4" - speeding, using a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt and drug/drink driving.

The emergency services then demonstrated what they would do when called to a crash, with the ambulance service arriving first to check on the driver -in this case played admirably by Tom Lockhart- and any passengers. Next came the fire service who brought along with them the equipment needed to cut the car up there and then - a sound which was scary enough to us watching, let alone when you are the one involved in  a crash. Finally came the police who told us about the logistics involved, such as closing roads around the scene of an accident to ensure that there were no further difficulties.

Throughout it all representatives from each of the emergency services were there to describe and provide information about what they have to do at the scene, reminding students who are driving or are learning to drive of the dangers of driving unsafely.

The experience was definitely worthwhile, eye-opening and educational, and left many students with the desire to drive more carefully.

Many thanks to everyone involved for a memorable afternoon.