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I'm A Scientist, Get me Out Of Here!

I'm a scientist get me out of here is a chat show type event allowing young students to talk to real life scientists for half an hour via an internet chat stream.

The event allowed us to talk to six different scientists (at the same time) about their work, current projects, experiences and careers.

After half an hour students who participated voted to evict a scientist from competition, with the scientists aim to be the “last scientist standing”, resulting in winning a prize of £500.

The scientists we spoke to offered a snippet into several aspects of their careers and life.  The six scientists we spoke to were : Yo, Theo, Oli, Nina, Edwards and Kerrianne. The competitors typed furiously answering our questions at a breakneck pace. They were really exceptional and we all learned a lot.


Nathan what do you think the best science breakthrough in history was?

Oli @Nathan Oh wow. Maybe the microscope? It opened the gate to so many other discoveries and showed us a whole new world. Great question! What would you say?

Nathan @Oli I think  penicillin as it was the first step to modern medicine.

Oli @Nathan That's a great shout! It changed the world so much that it's hard to imagine life without it