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I’m a Psychologist, Get me Out of Here

On the 9th of March 2017 the year 12 and 13 psychology students took part in a live chat with psychologists taking part in the ‘I’m a Psychologist, Get me Out of Here’ competition. I’m a Psychologist, Get me Out of Here was a national event in which psychology students all over the country were able to read about five psychologists and their research projects and then take part in a 30 minute live web chat with them to ask them questions about psychology and their research.

The responses that were given were incredibly important because at the end of the live chat we to voted for who we thought should win £500 for their project. All of the psychologists who took part are currently researching topics in psychology and lecturing at universities all over the country. The psychologists were; Wilhelmiina Toivo who is completing research on emotions in language, Mary Spiller who is researching the way our senses work together, James Gudgeon is interested in how advertising of brands can influence decision, Diana Kornbrot who is researching mathematical models of decision making and Andrew Jones who is a lecturer in appetite and addiction.

We really enjoyed the live chats aspect of the event and they were all extremely interesting and helped us all to receive a wider understanding of the subjects that some of the psychologists were studying. Some of the questions we asked included ‘What problems do you face when conducting scientific research?’ ‘What skills and qualities do you need to have to be a researching psychologist?’ and ‘What’s your favourite cake?’ (We found out one liked to bake in her spare time.) The psychologists said the most important skills was resilience, being able to get over setbacks and move forward and make improvements-a good for skill for life not just psychologists! The winner of the £500 prize was James Gudgeon. He is going to spend his money on sending 50 ‘science boxes’ with 10 simple decision experiments to schools around the world. The whole procedure was a wonderful experience which was enjoyed by all of those who took part.

Chloe & Ellie, Year 12.