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Homes or Habitats? A decision for Year 7 Geographers

On the 22nd and the 23rd May Year 7 went on a trip to Gressenhall to study how farmers can diversify. Our main focus was ‘Homes or Habitats?’ The day was based around four people who took on the roles of people who may have an interest in this issue.

There was a conflict between a house builder named Mr Nash and an environmentalist who was called Rachael. Meanwhile the owner of the farm called Joan was stuck between the two. She needed immediate income but she had grown up and lived on the farm. The final character was called Jack and he needed a affordable home to live in ,but he had little money and needed to rent. Rachael was looking to protect the animals, particularly the Barn Owl within the environment.

Mr Nash was looking to buy and build next to the River Whitewater.

We got to spend a really lovely day looking around the farm and working in groups to decide on the best course of action. We discussed building on brownfield and greenfield sites and the fact that new homes are needed in this country. We also got to see some piglets, rare breed sheep and the rare Suffolk punch horses.

We all learnt from the trip that conflicts are hard to settle and sometimes you need to compromise to reach an agreement.  

Matthew and Joe Year 7 Students